BlackBerry 10 release date delayed, leaked video reveals interesting features of RIM’s new phone

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Research in Motion (RIM), the firm behind Blackberry smartphones, will delay the launch of its next-generation mobile computing platform, BlackBerry 10 until earlier 2013. However, RIM also says that it has almost finalised its BlackBerry 10 operating system, which “is built for people with a mind-set who want to be successful, be it a 12-year-old schoolgirl or a mum.” Although the BB10 is still under development and not yet a finished product, the new device’s standout features were shown off in a leaked 5-minute video. The handset itself possesses a gorgeous display and a slim profile. The BlackBerry 10 lock screen attracts users with its functionality, showcasing information such as calls, calendar alerts, a camera shortcut button, messages and emails. To unlock the phone, you just need to drag your thumb up from the bottom of the device. Besides, the BlackBerry 10 doesn’t have a traditional home screen like BlackBerry smartphones. It greets you with between four and eight “Active Frames” including things like Calendar, Weather, Browser and Facebook which update automatically. A simple swipe from right to left will reveal the main menu with 16 applications displayed in a 4x4 grid format. In addition to the lock screen and home screen, BB10′s predictive keyboard, which has the ability to support up to three languages, is also an extremely impressive feature.

BlackBerry 10

The BlackBerry 10 looks great with the angled top and bottom. It's functional, intuitive and offers something different.

the new blackberry 10

The new device is designed for multitaskers and hyperconnected users who want to be productive in using their devices. It allows them to go from one application to another seamlessly by sliding a finger on one side of the screen, unlike existing smartphones where you have to go in and out of each application.

BlackBerry 10

Everything such as Facebook, Twitter, BBM, email, Gmail, LinkedIn are aggregated into one place for ease of access in the email inbox inside BlackBerry 10. A swipe from right to left lets users “Peek” into their messaging “Hub” without opening it. Therefore, they can instantly see who the message is from.

pictures of BlackBerry 10 phone

On the BlackBerry 10, users can split their home and personal lives by pulling down at the top of the home screen and choosing Work or Personal mode. The handset is also equipped with a camera which can detect faces. Photos can be shared via: Email, Twitter, Facebook, Text, LinkedIn, BBM, BBM Group and Text message.

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BlackBerry 10 release date delayed, leaked video reveals interesting features of RIM’s new phone

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BlackBerry 10 release date delayed, leaked video reveals interesting features of RIM’s new phone

This article was published on 2012/10/16