An Old Blackberry is Not a Worthless Blackberry

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Perhaps one of the most significant cultural defects of our fast-paced, modern, 21st century world (especially here in America) is that we have a tremendously poor concept of how to be thrifty: we are a much more wasteful society than most of us would like to admit, and that is a legacy that at one point or another is going to catch back up with us (in fact, many indicators point to that it already is!). Beyond simply being more wasteful than we ought to be, what many of us lack is appreciation for the fact that many material possessions retain worth long after we have chosen to no longer use them. An excellent case in point is offered by communications technologies and all sorts of hi-tech hardware. Take a Blackberry cell phone, for example: many people use theirs for about a year or so and then simply toss it into the trash can. That is not only damaging to the environment, but furthermore it is a bad choice as the person that does so fails to take advantage of the opportunity to sell Blackberry components or the whole product for real, hard cash!

From an ecological point of view, choosing to sell Blackberry products you've owned and no longer want helps avoid the accrual of toxic waste in landfills all over the country. Though it may not be common knowledge, electronics waste is among the most contaminating forms of waste out there-just think about the components, the raw materials that go into producing semi-conductors, etc., and you can begin to imagine that those materials don't belong in our soils, our ground water, or really anywhere other than inside their plastic casing! In fact, electronics waste is such a significant issue that has ever indication of becoming a major problem for the nation that Congress (yes, the national one, not just a state congress) tackled the matter in a recent session and tried to promote awareness of resale and recycling initiatives, such as ways to sell Blackberry and other electronics products.

Beyond the ecological concerns, there are other reasons why a person would want to sell Blackberry products after they have finished using them for personal purposes. First and foremost, there is the possibility of making a few spare bucks for your old product. When you sell Blackberry gadgets (at least to one of the more reputable electronics recycling organizations) that you have treated and preserved well, you stand the chance of making back a considerable portion of the original price you spent on them. That alone is reason enough for most people; yet for those who want to sell Blackberry gadgets back onto the market for a more altruistic purpose, there is always the consideration that you will be affording somebody else a quality product at a discounted rate. That's because it is always much more affordable to buy a second-hand electronics product than a brand new one. So do your fellow electronics lover a favor and sell your old Blackberry...and make some $, too!

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An Old Blackberry is Not a Worthless Blackberry

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This article was published on 2010/03/31